3 people, 3 hours, 3 languages. A collaboration story.

Today I had the pleasure of working remotely with Emma Långstöm (of Antrop) and Ahmed Kaddoura launching a new “howto” section on our public website. We were able to deploy the new section in less than three hours of work in three languages (Arabic, English and Swedish).

It all started at 15:46 today when Emma uploaded a few screenshots, icons and copy to our community Slack channel (#website), of a new “howto” section that would make it clear how our process works.

Emma Slack

A few of us started iterating on the copy using Google docs. Meanwhile Emma gave a shout out to Ahmed, who is absolutely awesome and have been helping us with the site, and asked if he could provide an arabic translation.

Ahmed Slack Response


We kept iterating on the copy a but more and finally ended up with something that we could live with. I exposed my local development environment using ngrok, so everybody could give feedback as I developed the section.

Slack Conversation

Roughly an hour later and many, small, iterations later, we had something that looked pretty enough.

Ahmed and I then spent the next hour or so tweaking the right-to-left version of the section and made sure it looked good on all devices.

Here is the final result:


Desktop screenshot English Desktop screenshot Arabic


Tablet screenshot English Tablet screenshot Arabic

Thank you Ahmed and Emma! A real pleasure to work with you :)