My name is Neven Jugo and I’m 29 years old. I have a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a major in marketing and organization. Since I graduated from university I’ve worked in several market-oriented roles, such as account manager, key account manager and business development manager. And that’s maybe why Just Arrived chose me, but it’s not why I chose Just Arrived. I have a much more personal reason for working here. I came to Sweden in the 1990’s from Bosnia Herzegovina. My family came here to escape the war that was tearing apart former Yugoslavia. As for many refugees the road here wasn’t easy and to start all over again in a new country was even harder - especially for my parents.

Both of my parents are highly educated, but had a hard time finding a job in Sweden. Eventually they both found work, but unfortunately they never got to use their education in Sweden. Maybe, if someone would have helped them early on, the situation would be different. That’s why I choose to work at Just Arrived. I want to do my best to help others so they don’t have to struggle like my parents and others did.

I believe Just Arrived is an amazing and much needed initiative that can make true change for many people and the community as a whole. It’s also a great platform for me to use my experiences and skills to contribute to this change.

Neven Jugo

Just Arrived erbjuder företag en tjänst som gör det enkelt, snabbt och säkert att kunna anlita nyanlända. Just Arrived uppstod som ett resultat av den stora migrantvågen under 2015. Gräsrotsinitiativet engagerade snabbt både företag och privatpersoner som ville skapa en konkret skillnad. Idag är vi 15 anställda i det snabbt växande, icke vinstdrivande, aktiebolaget och har fler än 100 företag som använder vår tjänst kontinuerligt. Företaget ägs av fyra icke-vinstdrivande stiftelser, däribland Norrsken Foundation. Läs mer om Just Arrived här!