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We're a group of 150 volunteers who have been working evenings and weekends since early autumn 2015 to make Just Arrived a reality. We represent numerous competences, backgrounds and organizations, but everyone shares the collective goal of making it easier for Newcomers to get a job and the chance to get into Swedish society. We're always on the lookout for passionate and talented people, irrespective of whether they represent an organisation or just themselves. For current needs, see the Join Us section below.

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Just Arrived is driven by a team of volunteers that wants to make a difference. If you think you can help in any way, please click the button below.

We're currently looking for programmers (AngularJS, Ruby on Rails), translators and sponsors. If you're a developer, we’d love you to contribute to our GitHub repository.


  • Building landing page
  • Translating landing page
  • Support with accounting services
  • Development of sales collateral
  • Desktop optimization of app
  • Translating application to kurmanji, dari, pashto or tigrinya

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General enquiries

Jacob Burenstam

Anna Hörnmark
Operations Manager
+46 76 802 59 97

Lova Westlund
Operations Manager
+46 70 538 33 86

Neven Jugo
Head of Sales
+46 70 932 99 62

Per Strängberg
Customer Success Manager
+46 73 434 83 59

Salam Alhennawi
Financial Administrator
+46 73 632 72 06

Tobias Tikka
Product Owner
+46 70 629 79 31

Andrew Alhawari
Graphic Designer
+46 76 258 42 94

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