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New in Sweden? What you need to start working

To work in Sweden, you need to first arrange some practical things. What depends on what conditions you are in the country.

If you have a residence permit

Once you have obtained a residence permit in Sweden, you are also entitled to work. You always need a bank...

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Meet the team - Louise Staffas

My name is Louise and I am 27 years old. I just moved to Stockholm from Gothenburg. Two years ago I graduated from the master program International Administration and Global Governance at University of Gothenburg.

I have always wanted to work with international development and human ri...

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Meet the team - Nils Nordström

My name is Nils Nordström and I’m 24 years old. I’m from Gothenburg, Sweden. Besides being a skiing, literature and music fanatic, I am also a recently graduated business student from Lund University. A genuine interest for entrepreneurship and I moved to Stockholm in 2016.

I work as a...

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Lagar och regler som inte hjälper


Lagar och regler som inte hjälper

​Det blev stor debatt efter att Syed från Bangladesh utvisades ur Sverige. Det var anledningen till utvisningen som gjorde människor rasande....

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