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This is Just Arrived

1. Post Job

Upload a job description and the required profile for the job. The job is then added to our platform so the candidates can start applying for the job.

2. Accept candidate

The jobs that gets posted on our platform generally have a high application rate. Just Arrived sources the most suitable candidates for the job and perform interviews. These candidates are later presented to the job provider who gets to choose who will be offered the job.

3. Job gets performed

After a successful matching the job is performed. Just Arrived monitors the process continuously during the job and our experienced staffing managers are there during the full process. Everything for a job performed successfully!

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Our offering

We are flexible

We provide the right candidate for the right position and we tailor our services for your needs.

We are fast

Is there an urgency? Need to fill a position quickly? We can provide you with the right candidate within 36 hours.

It's simple

We handle all administration and take the employment responsibility. Taxes, social fees and insurance are handled by us. We only bother you with the invoice.

It's secure

We want you as a company to only think about your needs. Regulations and legal is taken care by us.

And best of all:

You are part of the solution for sustainable integration.

Why should I employ through Just Arrived?

By using Just Arrived, you will strengthen your operations with qualified workers. You will also assist by integrating motivated, and ambitious individuals who are eager to become part of the Swedish society and work for Swedish companies.

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