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What do I need to work through Just Arrived?

If you have residence permit, then all you need is a Swedish bank account.
If you are an asylum seeker then you need AT-UND on item 7 on your LMA-card, a coordination number from the Swedish Tax Agency, and access to a Swedish bank account.
If you are a EU citizen, then you need a coordination number from the Swedish tax agency, and access to a Swedish bank account.

What is AT-UND?

AT-UND is an exception from the law saying you need to have a work permit to work in Sweden. Anyone who seeks asylum in Sweden, and has identified themselves at the Migration office have AT-UND. If you are unsure, look at your LMA-card. AT-UND is under item 7.

What is a Coordinations number?

You get a coordination number from the Swedish Tax Agency. This is a temporary personal id number consisting of your date of birth plus four numbers. This number is NOT on your LMA-card. To get a coordination number can be difficult. You need a employment contract to get it from the Swedish tax Agency. Just Arrived can’t help at present to get a contract, since we are not the employers and only mediate jobs.

Do I need to have a bank account of my own to be able to apply for a job?

You need access to a bank account since we cannot pay cash, it does not need to be registered in your name. I.e. a family member's bank account also work.

How can i obtain a bank account?

Obtaining a bank account as an asylum seeker can be difficult. The requirements differs between banks. The banks with the lowest thresholds requires following

  1. 1 - Address
  2. 2 - LMA card
  3. 3 - copy of legitimation approved by Migrationsverket
  4. 4 - Certificate from Swedish Tax Authority concerning coordination number.

Do I have to be able to speak Swedish or English?

You do not have to be able to speak Swedish or English to be able to apply for a job via Just Arrived. Level of language skill differs between companies.

What kind of job can i obtain via Just Arrived?

At present we provide different kinds of jobs. To work via us it is good if you are flexible. Common for all our jobs is that they are of the simpler nature, which does not require any education nor experience. Most of our jobs are inside following areas


  • Construction
  • Painting
  • Cleaning
  • Assembling furniture
  • Office & administration
  • Production
  • Design
  • Distribution
  • Assembly/mounting
  • Hosting & Guiding
  • Cooking
  • Dishes
  • Serving
  • Hotel
  • Stores
  • Warehouse
  • Inventory

How much jobs can I get through just Arrived?

We mediate anything from a couple of hours assignment to full time jobs. A good impression during an assignment will increase the chance for the company to hire you more often. This is up to you!

What kind of salary does Just Arrived offer?

Our salaries are according to recommendation from Unions. We believe it’s important to offer a reasonable compensation for the jobs we facilitate.

What happens to my compensation from Migrationsverket/Försäkringskassan if I am working?

This will be affected, and you may have to start paying for your accommodation at the Migration office if you make enough money. How the money from Försäkringskassan is effected gets evaluated individually by your handler at Arbetsförmedlingen. In the event of an employment you will get enough information to pass on to your handler to get an exact answer.